Boudoir Ego is a San Diego Boudoir Photography studio offering boudoir photography, glamour and portrait photography to San Diego, Ca.
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Hello Beautiful!

I’m talking to you!!!

 You’re nervous and you got some concerns, right? Trust me, we all have our reasons to be nervous.  Those little voices can totally be jerks!  I’m sure right now they could be giving you many excuses: “I’m too fat”, “I’m not Sexy”, “My face, never looks good in images” or how about this one “I’m way too old for this”.  Those voices are JERKS and darling, you need to stop listening to them. 

Look, I believe you can’t FULLY love someone until you have learned to love yourself.  You need to start somewhere!  It’s my job (MY Full-Time) to help women build an Ego (Self-Love) by photographing them and allowing them to Just B.E. {Boudoir Ego}

If you’re asking yourself “Is Boudoir for ME” my answer is “YES”, boudoir photography is for every woman who desires to learn to love themselves.  It’s about discovering that strong, confident, BADASS woman inside! If you’re day dreaming “One Day”.. Honey, stop that the time is now!  You are going to leave this session feeling liberated, empowered and like nothing can stand in your way.

*Worried about photos leaking all over the internet? No worries, I do not share client photos.*

What are you waiting for?


About ME

Hello I am Anna and I am a Boudoir Photographer!!

Where do I start.. I am a Wife, Mother to 3 amazing children and for 6 years I was a Pediatric nurse.

I left my Pediatric Nursing position to follow my dreams and become a FULL time photographer.

I love Coffee, literally I don't think I can fully function without coffee or a morning tea.  My entire Family understands

that I am a total JERK without a cup of coffee.  If you bring me coffee I will love you forever. =) 

So you may ask why the Pink hair.. I do it for my sister  it's my own reminder daily of her love for me and her children.  

She passed away from breast cancer and she was my very, very best friend, She embodied what true self-love is.

Sometimes my hair is pink sometimes it's blond and well sometimes (RARELY) it's long too. 

I love Crossfit and Mountain Biking but I don't go as often as I should because I also love to sleep and binge watch Netflix (did I mention I love eating too).

I am also a business owner.. I own Branding By AJ company that helps streamline and create AMAZING brand identity for new businesses. 

Are you still with me here? Let’s do this!!