Change the Way you think about Sex

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Change the Way you think about Sex

As a woman, you need sex! When I was growing up, sex was a touchy subject that people wanted to avoid especially women. Women were made to believe that being sexual was not acceptable (sad face). Honey, we are past that era! Women need sex as much as men do. Sex plays an essential role in a relationships, It is the glue that holds the couples together.

Not only does sex keep a woman connected to her man, but it also triggers the production of a feel-good hormone known as oxytocin. The hormone plays a significant role in keeping the woman vibrant, energetic, and generally happy.

To a woman, physical intimacy is a way of expressing appreciation and affection to her man. Honey, imagine having a long day and when you get home, you get to enjoy some good loving from your man. Truth be told, the stress goes away, and relaxation kicks in. Satisfaction and fulfillment become your portion. You might even notice an instant glow (Who doesn’t like to glow?).

Why is sex important to a woman?

Besides being a relaxation agent, sex has some significant benefits. What to know? Let's dive in.

  • Better sleep: YESS Girl! Has insomnia become part of your life? It's time to bid it goodbye. A good lovemaking session is an assurance that you will enjoy some sweet deep sleep. Try it today and see how it goes.

  • Boosts your immunity: It sounds unbelievable, right? Your brain must be racing, wondering how sex can boost your immunity. Regular physical intimacy triggers the production of an antibody known as immunoglobulin A. The antibody is responsible for getting your body armed against disease. You need to get yourself some good loving.

  • Improves your fitness: Do you want to burn 80 calories in 30 minutes? You don't have to hit the gym. Thirty minutes of excellent sex burn over 80 calories and wonders it performs on your waistline is close to unbelievable. I am happy to do this type of exercise!

  • When it comes to strengthening your pelvic muscles, sex does magic. If you have noticed drops of urine on your panties, it's time for more sex!

  • Do you have days when abdominal cramps make it difficult for you to crawl out of your bed? Regular lovemaking makes increases the blood flow making cramping less uncomfortable.

The daily hustles and bustles are nowadays too much that feels like sex is a luxury. Sex is a basic need for all human beings, and as women, it's time we learn to create time for it and learn to enjoy it. Don't make the mistake of putting your sex-life on the back burner. Enjoy the satisfaction and relaxation that comes with it. Girl! You deserve some good sex in your life. Don't be afraid to ask for it. It is your right!

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