Confidence After my Boudoir Session

Miss W. Came into the studio, my first thought was very similar to the same thought I have about each and every one of you ladies.  That was “She is absolutely gorgeous”. After getting to know her I realized she was so much more than just gorgeous.  Miss W. you are a true gem, from the inside and out!  Thank you for coming into our studio.


In HER words:


How did you feel about your experience with Boudoir Ego?

I absolutely loved it! I didn't expect to enjoy the shoot and then fall in love with my images so quickly! Anna makes it so easy to learn the poses and make you feel comfortable in your skin. I gained so much confidence after seeing my pictures at the viewing and then again when I picked up my book.

Is there anything you would like to tell other women, going into a boudoir session?

Just go into the shoot with a very open mind and heart! And be ready to have fun!

American Flag Boudoir
Anna JOHNSONBoudoir Ego