How to choose, wear and love lingerie

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How to choose, wear and love lingerie

Hey girl! Let’s talk about lingerie. I know this is a touchy subject, but it’s time we talk about it. For you to feel and look amazing and absolutely comfortable, you have to wear the correct lingerie size. Not too big or too small. According to research conducted on lingerie, an average woman wears about six different sizes of underwear in her lifetime. A sad fact is that 80% of women wear the wrong lingerie size.

I don’t want to find you on the list of ladies who wear the wrong lingerie sizes or the wrong lingerie for their body shapes. I want you to be absolutely comfortable and confident.

In the 19th century, lingerie made of lace, chiffon, feathers, and ruffle gained popularity because of how sensuous the intimates made women feel. Today, lace still has a special place in women’s hearts. Women find it absolutely sumptuous.

If an underwear does not make you feel happy, confident, and comfortable, something must be absolutely wrong with your intimates. Either they are too big to hold everything in place, or they are so small that they make everything flow everywhere. I don’t want to have you to have esteem issues because of a single problem that we can quickly solve. That is why I want to share the following tips with you that will help you choose the right lingerie, wear it correctly, and fall in love with the intimate.

How to choose the right lingerie for your body shape

We are all blessed with different silhouettes, and we must make sure that we dress them accordingly. In her book, In Intimate Detail, Cora Harrington seeks to answer the questions: How is it supposed to fit? How do you take care of it all? Is lingerie really for me? Grab a copy if you can.

Let’s explore some tips on how we should dress different body types.

  • Hourglass

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If you have an hourglass figure, honey, you are blessed! This is the figure that many women wish for. The best kind of intimates for you are those that add some attractiveness to your broad shoulders and hips while flattering your slender waistline accordingly. Garter belts, bodysuits, and high waisted are excellent choices for this body type. Also, you might want to splash in high leg panty or a thong paired with a lace bra.

  • Triangle

If you have narrow shoulders and broad hips, then you fall in this body type. With such a body type, the main idea is to achieve some balance and proportionality. A bustier is an excellent option for your body shape since it adds emphasis on the breast area, making it a sight to behold. A lacy negligee is also an option that you can consider.

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  • Rectangle

If this your body shape, it is clear that your curves are not defined. Should that be a problem? Hell no! As long as we can get the best intimates for you, you have nothing to bother you. First, you need something that effortlessly holds your waist. Cheeky bodysuits are perfect for that. The idea is to create some curves and make you look more sensuous. For your breasts, you can use push-up bras or bustier lingerie.

  • Round

Honey, here are some great options for your beautiful body shape. The main goal here is to make your body look as proportionate as possible. This means any lingerie that you settle for must be in-line with the target. Negligees are best for your silhouette since they can keep away the rounded waist from attracting attention. A teddy or Bodysuit is another excellent option that you might want to consider.

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  • Inverted triangle

Broad shoulders and narrow hips characterize this body type. The beauty with this option is the fact that you can create emphasis on the parts you choose to. If you feel like your bum is too flat, a teddy is a great distractor or a cheaky bodysuit with high hip.. Activate your sexy side by pairing a bralette with a sexy thong or a lacy pant.

Naturally, all women are beautiful, and all you need to do is enhance the beauty with the right lingerie. At the long run, you will feel happier, more comfortable, and more confident. Choose, wear, and love your lingerie.