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Its wedding season and well as a Wedding/Boudoir Photographer you can imagine how busy we are getting this time of year.  This is the perfect time to get your special someone a very special gift and this is a gift all about you.

So the big day is coming up and you want to do a special boudoir session for him, so he has that special little book to open before you walk down the aisle to say your “I Do’s”.   There is only one problem… WHAT? You’re nervous! Well this is why I wanted to shed some light on how to fix this little thing you call a problem.

What do I do if I HATE my body?

Well, this is a very normal and common feeling we all go through in life.  Hating or disliking a part or even all of our body is something as a boudoir photographer I hear all the time.  Relax and take a deep breath, your photographer should be able to pose you so that extra little 10lbs (or 15lbs) will not even show behind the camera. 

I can’t even count how many times I have herd women say that doing a boudoir session helped them feel better about the areas they once hated.  For many boudoir is a way to learn how to love themselves.

San Diego Bridal Boudoir

I’m totally Camera Shy!

Ha, Ha, this is one of my favorite people to shoot.. It’s the ones who say they are so shy but after a few moments of making them laugh they break out of their shell and become the most photogenic client.

I like to say.. Don’t worry Be Happy!  You can start off by taking photos that don’t include your face like this one where all you see is booty and shoes.  Be sure you find a photographer that you connect with this is 100% important in getting comfortable.

What do I wear?

Honey, this is really up to you and many great boudoir photographers will help you with finding a wardrobe that is appropriate.  Bridal Boudoir is fun as there is so many things you can play with to make the photo remind you of the wedding night.   Take moment to look through these outfits I have that are perfect additions to your bridal boudoir closet. 

If you have nothing, then don’t stress ask the studio if they have items, accessories and shoes for you to use.

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