Long distance Relationships

Long Distance can totally suck, and suck even more when your in a long distance relationship.  For some people the miles between them are insignificant.  The extra space and freedom could feel a bit refreshing.  For other, distance is tough and can make things very hard.  One way to show your partner you miss them is doing a boudoir session while your away.  This is exactly what Miss. R. did and here is her story.

"I had never done a boudoir shoot, and decided to do it just to try something new in lieu of my recent long distance relationship. However, in the end I'm pretty sure I fell more in love with the pictures than my boyfriend did! I had my makeup done by Rachel, who is SO GOOD at makeup. She made me look gorgeous, and knew exactly what would look amazing on me. Anna was amazing, she takes amazing pictures, and her editing was beautiful. I couldn't stop looking at the pictures... I could hardly believe it was me, it was such a confidence boost. I have recommended my experience to many of my friends, who are now looking into getting their own boudoir shoot done as well.

If you're nervous about trying it, just jump in. You'll have a blast and afterwards you'll be trying to decide if framing pictures of your sexy self and putting them on your wall is weird."

Let me just add on ladies- Framing your photo's is NOT weird.  When your feeling sick, tired or just off these photos will give you confidence, and in return release endorphins.  This means you'll leave your house feeling HAPPY and CONFIDENT and well... Who doesn't want to feel like this everyday? ~ Anna

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