Do you want to be sexy? Change your attitude!

Do you want to be sexy? Change your attitude!

Being sexy has absolutely nothing to do with your appearance. Sexy is an attitude! Growing up, I had a friend who would win any man she laid eyes on. Was it because of her physical beauty? I can tell you for free that wasn’t the case. I knew girls who were more gorgeous than her. There were many times when people claimed that she had cast a spell on the men ( but that was a lie!).

Later in life, I came to realize that beauty is skin deep. Beauty is more than the eyes can see. Sexiness and beauty are an attitude. Girl! You don’t have to be a supermodel to be sexy. So how do you become sexy?

Know your worth

You cannot sit back waiting for approval from people. The day to receive the approval might never come! You have to be confident, love yourself deeply, and believe you are enough. Don’t ever have doubts about yourself, YOU ARE ENOUGH! Your attitude will determine how attractive people find you. MSo have a great attitude!

Love your life

It doesn’t matter who is in your life or who have opted out. You have to love your life. Nobody wants to have a clingy person in their life. You need to be a free spirit, full of life, and passion-filled. Passion and love for your life will make you glow, making sexy and attractive to the people around you. No one can dare resist a person who full with life.


A smile is a tool that many people have not given the credit deserves. A smile works like a charm. A gloomy face has never attracted a soul. Make sure you wear a smile everywhere you go. It will help you warm the hearts of the people you meet and will make you damn sexy! Smile GIRL!!

Have an opinion

What beauty can beat a well-informed woman with her own opinion? I believe there is none! Many women have become doormats just because they are afraid to air their opinion. When other people are busy having their opinions, you need to be having one too! You need to speak out about what you believe in and what matters to you. This is what will help people truly see you!

Dress for yourself

Many people dress in a certain way just because it’s trendy. Girl, that shouldn’t be you. Wear something that makes you absolutely comfortable and flatters your body according to what YOU love.

Honey! In whatever you do, remember sexy is not a face, size or shape. Sexy is confidence, class, and intelligence. You have what it takes to be sexy.

Anna JOHNSONBoudoir Ego