Drag Queen Boudoir

A man walks into the room and introduces himself. He smiles and has an easy way about him. He walks into the bathroom, and some time later, she walks out. She is a confident woman, and not shy in her boudoir session. Strike a pose!

Trans, transform, transformation, in any derivative of the word, is an amazing thing to see because we are witness to a kind of personal freedom. For a photographer, our job is to capture something essential about the person we are shooting; that unique trait or characteristic from our model. With this client that was her confidence and liberation. When she walked into that hotel room she owned her persona to the very core.

Transgender Boudoir

She is a part-time woman still exploring herself. She needed us to help her see how she looks in lingerie. We were happy to show her that away from her dresses and accessories, in a more vulnerable ensemble of only lingerie, she still exudes the confidence of her persona.

Transgender Photography San Diego
Anna JOHNSONboudoir ego