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Just B.E.

A Boudoir Ego Brand Ambassador!

Glamour Photography San Diego

Can you B.E.?

My goal as a Boudoir Photographer is to HELP women to learn to JUST BE, the badass, Strong, and Confident woman that I already know they are.

I am looking for someone who already represents this in their day to day life. As an ambassador of Boudoir Ego its your job to set the example of what self-love looks like through empowerment and by being Body Positive.

In return you will be rewarded for it!

Black and White Boudoir Photos

My Expectations!

I’m looking for women who will stand for my mission, women who desire to empower other women. Your requirement as a Boudoir Ego Brand Ambassador is to do the following:

  • Understand that there is NO REQUIREMENT for size, shape or weight to be a part of this or to do boudoir. Honey- boudoir is for EVERYONE!

  • I do however require that you are 21 years of age! Given the nature of Boudoir this is important.. and we do serve alcohol in the studio.

  • Sharing my posts on social media, liking and commenting (Facebook, VIP Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories and twitter) This means your account can’t be set to private. I cant re-share if you have a private account.

  • Sharing with your contacts and friends about Boudoir Ego Sessions, After all you get paid for every person that books with your name.

  • Signing a Model-Release, knowing your session will be shared online, in publication, and throughout social media.

The benefit to YOU!

I get it!! Its work and for this reason I truly believe that you should get rewarded for this too. First remember- It’s important for me to know you genuinely believe in empowering women, not every person who applies will be selected. It’s not about getting something for FREE (this is so much more than that) but, I respect that you should get something. So if you are selected you will receive the following rewards:

  • [1] annual Boudoir Session (Depending on schedule this could be 2 sessions a year)

  • Full Hair and Makeup for each session (Unless, its last min. or you prefer to just do it yourself. NOTE: Hair and Makeup can take 2 hours)

  • Outfits will be provided for you to use (I don’t discourage you to use your own. If you are working with a lingerie company bring their outfits.)

  • 10 min. High Res. Photo’s from each session (most receive more than 10)

  • Gift/ Goodies for showing up- Luckily we sell things like lingerie, lipstick and more in our studio, you will receive a little gift each session.

  • $30 cash referral bonus!! That’s right, for every friend of yours that books a FULL Price session with Boudoir Ego you will receive $30. There is NO cap to this! However your friend is REQUIRED to mention your name at the time of booking, if mentioned after it will be too late. Your referral gets $50 towards Collections. There is NO CAP, so girl.. GET that free $$

**Please REMEMBER, if you cant uphold our Requirements from you then we will not be able to offer you your session. If you happened to have a session already you will be removed from our BA program.**

So are you Ready?

You Ready girl? If this sounds totally amazing to you and you think your a great fit apply below!

Some of our Current or Past Brand Ambassadors!