Session payment is due upfront, this payment will reserve your session time and the time of the photographer.


When you purchase a package of time (session time) with our studio, we commit to reserving that time for you. This payment assures you that your session time will be set aside and will not be double booked. Your payment affects how many clients the studio can take on for the year. For this reason we DO NOT offer refunds. If you want to book a date, please make sure you add this date to your schedule and arrive at the scheduled time. This will allow our studio to continue to provide session times that don’t run into each other.


We try to be understanding about “Life” situations and understand sometimes you have to cancel or reschedule your session. We do require that you reschedule or cancel your session 1 week prior to your session. This will allow us to pull from our waiting list and give your session time to someone who was waiting for a session to open up. If there is an emergency and you can’t make it PLEASE call us because “I get it” and we would rather have you call then “NO SHOW”. 619-518-4857

No Shows

Look, if you decide its not important to call us then we can not offer you another session time. Again, we are running a company and our photographers still have to be paid out for the time you had scheduled. This means, if you don’t call or email us the amount you paid to us has been spent and we can not offer you another session time. Please be respectful and just call or email if you cant make it. anna@boudoirego.com 619-518-4857


If in the event you have to reschedule due to an emergency or a happenstance then we are happy to do so for you. We will send over a rescheduling link and you can schedule a new time. Please make sure this time is written down and the date is one that will actually work for you. We do not allow anyone to reschedule more than one time with our studio.


All products are custom made and this means all purchases are final. When you have your viewing session we have a system in place that allows YOU to choose the images you desire. This means you select your images, you give us all the information you want including: Print Numbers, Print Type, Album Cover and Names. Before your order is final, we go over all the images and numbers given so there is no mistakes. The back end our system only shows us the images you have chosen, this allows for NO mistakes to happen. Because this is a custom product we can not offer refunds, or replacements all orders in our studio are FINAL. If our partnering lab sends an item that is the wrong fabric, or name then we will replace that item at no cost to you. Every product item that arrives in our studio goes through a quality control process to make sure its exactly as you ordered. Basically, we make sure you get exactly what you ordered and have made sure we have a system in place so we do not make any errors.


Boudoir Ego Photography owns the copyright to ALL images. Its is illegal to copy, scan, print or reproduce images taken by Boudoir Ego. If you have purchased a digital images you will receive printing rights to this image. This means your images will have a print release allowing you to make prints from home or in a professional printing lab. Images copied from our website or social media or used needs to have the correct copyright information attached to the image. Fines for copyright infringement can start at $50, 000, if you have any questions about copyrights please just ask and we are happy to explain.

Image Sharing

Our studio DOES NOT share client images. Because the nature of boudoir is private we respect your privacy, this means you will not have to worry about us sharing any image taken of you (this includes anonymous shots, or photos that do not show your face.). If you desire to share your images your welcome to do so but this is and will always be on your terms.

Adult Photography and Couples Photography

Our studio offers tasteful Boudoir Photography. We do not, and will not offer erotica or soft pornography if this is something you desire you will need to go to a different studio. If you are wanting a couples session we ONLY offer these sessions to our past clients. If you have shot with our studio we can provide you with a couples boudoir session however, all underwear MUST remain on at all times.